The Brutal Truth on Dropshipping

4,400-word blog post, the first of two written for, a UK site for anyone wanting to build a digital business.

Dropshipping post
Dropshipping post

What can I say. This is a stellar piece of content. The level of detail, the tone of writing, the unique insights you’ve shared are fantastic. I’ve been struggling to find writers that understand what I’m looking for. But you smashed it here, Mel. Great job and thank you for putting 120% into this.

Ahmad Benguesmia



Wouldn’t you love to smash your content out of the ring every time?

To always land that knockout blow, just like your writing idols?

Imagine having the same audience of cheering fans, clamoring to read your next post (or to buy your first book as a published author).

Yep. That’s the dream, alright.