Blog Posts

Marketing Budget 2021

4,000-word blog post (ultimate guide) for WebMechanix on how to allocate your marketing budget in 2021. 

Copywriting Examples

3,200-word blog post for Smart Blogger which made it onto Page 1 of Google within its first 3 weeks.

Small Business Marketing

4,800-word blog post, written for small business operators. An ultimate guide with 41 marketing ideas.

How to Write a Pitch

3,600-word blog post for writers on how to write a pitch, with examples. The post ranked #5 on page 1 of Google.

How to Write a Pitch

Punch up Your Writing

4,000 word blog post for Smart Blogger, with 2,500 social shares, and is still ranking on Pages 1 and 2 of Google after 3 years.

Blog post

72 Creative Writing Prompts

3,600-word blog post on creative writing prompts, which generated 170 social shares and ranked #5 on page 1 of Google.

Writing Prompts post

The Brutal Truth on Drop-Shipping

4,400-word blog post, the first of two for a UK site about building a digital business. It ranked #6 on page 1 of Google

Dropshipping post

FOMO Marketing Techniques

2,250-word blog post, written as a Ghost Post for Sendlane, an email and SMS automation and marketing company.


Imposter Syndrome

1,600-word blog post, which generated 109 comments, 533 social shares and ranked #7 on page 1 of Google.

How to Beat Exam Stress

3,150-word blog (ghost) post, written for Daniel Wong, a Singaporean blogger who empowers high achieving students.

Exam Stress Post

Content Curation Ultimate Guide

6,630-word blog post for, which generated 423 social shares including some from high profile influencers.

31 Writing Podcasts

6,700-word blog post for, which generated 1,500 social shares and ranked #3 on page 1 of Google for its keyword.

Writing Podcasts Post

How to Write an Author's Bio

2,750-word blog post for, which generated 103 comments, 533 social shares and ranked #16 on page 1 of Google.

Ho to Write a Bio post

57 Metaphor Examples

4,700-word blog post for, with definitions and examples, which generated 193 social shares and ranked #8 on page 1 of Google.

Metaphor Examples post


Underart Gallery

7-page website for a retail and online store selling quirky handmade jewellery, big bold artworks, ceramics, and playful sculptures.

The Maraway

7-page website for The Maraway, a not-for-profit organisation rolling up its sleeves to tackle the tough issues in its community.

The Maraway Website

Simply Hampers

6-page website for Simply Hampers – a bespoke gourmet gift hamper business – whose goal is simply to make people happy.

Simply Hampers Website

Bike and Bird

5-page website for a holiday house perfect for cyclists, twitchers and other adventurers who crave the comforts of home.

Bike & Bird Website

Urban Sync

6-page website for town planners who take the jargon and complications out of the planning process, saving you a bucket load of stress.

Urban Sync Website


8-page website for a state-wide commercial building company, specializing in education, government and development projects.

Cairns Diocese

A complete rebuild of a multi-page website for the Catholic Diocese of Cairns, making it more contemporary, welcoming and inclusive.

Other Bits

Email Campaign

An email sales campaign for an online Italian language school

Email Campaign Example

Print Brochure

A glossy 16-page sales brochure for an advertising agency

Sales Brochure


A multi-media advertising campaign for light industrial gas products.

Product Launch

Creative concept for the launch of Epson’s new Eco-Tank printer.

Corporate Ads

Brand awareness ads promoting corporate sponsorships.

Social Media

A month-long, pre-Christmas social media campaign.


A real estate agent’s professional profile given out to new clients.