I see it the whole time.

Websites, blogs, emails – you name it – with sloppy writing, flabby sentences and way too much jargon.

But there’s one writing crime that really gets up my nose. Lazy repetition.

It drives me NUTS!

I came across this the other day: “I am writing to remind you of the Directors’ Meeting to be held on Wednesday, and to remind you, as a director, that all directors are obliged to attend.”


Repetition should only be used for clarity, emphasis, or poetic effect. None of which applies here.

Doesn’t this sound better? “I am writing to remind you of the Directors’ Meeting to be held on Wednesday, and your obligation to attend.”

If I’m a director, I presumably know I’m a director, and I don’t need to be reminded of my directorship. (The use of repetition here is ironic.)

And I found this on a website: “The aim of the study was to study the mating habits of the Tasmanian Tiger. The study was undertaken in March 2017 and the analysis of the findings was undertaken in May 2017.”

Oh for Pete’s sake!

Let’s try that again: “The aim of the research was to study the mating habits of the Tasmanian Tiger. The field work was undertaken in March 2017, and the analysis was completed in May the same year.”

.  .   .   .

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. . .

Aaahh. . .Now, that’s how you use repetition. Thank you, Charles Dickens.

Let me repeat that, for emphasis:  Thank you, Charles Dickens.

Cheers, Mel

Photo by Austin Moncada on Unsplash (Thanks, Austin)