Email Campaign

A series of 10 emails sent out over a 4-week period to sell memberships to an online Italian language school 

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Overcoming objections early in the email
Sense of Urgency


10 part email sales campaign

The brief was to write 10 warm-up, launch, follow-up, and ‘last chance’ emails to generate enrolments in the 2022 year of Online Italian School. The emails needed to connect on a human/emotional level; use real language; identify pain points and provide solutions; create a sense of urgency and desire to enrol; and result in increased click-throughs and registrations.

The campaign used a variety of techniques such as:

  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – offering an exclusive ‘advance notice’ option for people who registered their interest before the launch.
  • Transparency and respect – giving recipients a chance to opt-out in the first paragraph of the email if they no longer wanted to hear about the online Italian School.
  • Overcoming objections – confronting the obvious objections and questions early.
  • Powerful testimonials from past students.
Sense of Urgency