No fluff, character-rich copy. Written for humans, loved by Google.


As an SEO copywriter, it’s my job to produce content worthy of a Page #1 ranking on Google.

Hi, I’m Mel Wicks, a certified content marketer and copywriter with over 25 years’ experience. I specialize in SEO-optimized blog posts and websites that fizz with personality.

Mel Wicks is a talented writer who knows how to produce the goods.  Her posts are bang on brief, well researched and written with style. If all the first drafts I received were as good as Mel’s, I’d be very happy.

Jon Morrow

Founder, Smart Blogger

The revised copy you sent through nails the message and tone! I felt excited and inspired by it. Knew you were the right person for the job! 

Andrea Jackson

CEO, The Maraway



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I’m Literally Going to Be Sick

I’m Literally Going to Be Sick

I am.
Next time I hear someone say “His performance like literally blew me away”. . . . or. . . . “I was so embarrassed, I literally died,” I’m going to puke my guts out — figuratively speaking.

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