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One Second

That’s how long you have to grab someone’s attention online.
One second. Maybe less. Imagine how powerful it could be for your
business if you got it right. Imagine if they stayed to read more.
And became a loyal customer. That’s the craft of copywriting.
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Hello. I’m Mel Wicks

Content marketing strategist, copywriter and all round problem-solver for snowed-under business operators like you. You want to grow your business, right? You want people to visit your website or blog and say “Wow! Sign me up!”

But that means setting aside everything else to conquer the mystifying world of copywriting and online marketing.

And bingo! There’s your problem.
Or possibly not. . .

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I work with you to understand how, why and where to connect with your prospects (that’s the strategy bit).  Then I craft the words to attract the right audience and convert them from strangers into loyal customers, so you can grow your business.

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A Snapshot of my Work

Over the years (and there have been lots of them), I’ve worked with small start-ups to large corporations. And they’ve all wanted the same thing from their marketing: bottom line results. Here’s a quick snapshot.

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Go on. Drop me a line or give me a call. I’m very approachable, and I always respond within 24 hours. You never know. . .it might be the smartest business move you’ve made all year.

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